Helpful websites for coding practice, registering for hackathons, and scholarship opportunities!

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Coding References


Learn new programming languages quickly with free tutorials and modules!


Practice coding problems with a wide variety of languages including Java, Python, C++, Ruby, and more.


Similar to HackerRank, practice coding problems that might appear in technical interviews!

W3Schools Website Templates

These HTML templates can help you get started with designing your own website!

Apple Human Interface Guidelines

Helpful for understanding how to design an app!

Android Material Design

Helpful for understanding the basics of designing an android app!

Hackathons (High School Inclusive)


The original college hackathon at the University of Pennsylvania! Provides free travel reimbursement!


Hackathon at the University of Michigan. Provides free busing from universities (OSU included)!


Hackathon at the University of Rutgers. Travel reimbursement not guaranteed but can be applied for.


Hackathon at CalTech. Travel reimbursement not guaranteed but can be applied for.

Major League Hacking

The official student hacker league with events across the globe!

Ohio State's High School I/O

Central Ohio's one day hackathon for high schoolers!


Grace Hopper Scholarships

A list of Grace Hopper scholarships to apply to. This list is constantly updating, so check back often!